What We Do

GibbonsWorkman[Web]-7At GibbonsWorkman, we work to be our clients’ liaison and full-time, boots on the ground presence, in Jefferson City. When you hire GibbonsWorkman you get exactly that – Michael Gibbons and Tricia Workman.  We do not use lesser experienced staff or subcontractors to substitute for our efforts.  Our collaborative hands-on approach has been successful for clients and it is appreciated by legislators and representatives of the executive branch.  When the legislature is in session, we are at the Capitol.  When the legislature adjourns, legislative and executive branch activity continues.  GibbonsWorkman provides a year round presence for its clients.

At GibbonsWorkman, we serve as a conduit between our clients and the legislative and executive branch ensuring that our clients are apprised of all activity affecting them.  We advance clients’ policy objectives and agenda, protect clients from adverse action and increase the visibility of our clients' brand by representing them in a professional manner with integrity.