• Strategic Development: GibbonsWorkman works with our clients in the interim to identify legislative goals and objectives, whether they involve offense or defense, and develop a strategy to achieve results. 
  • Bill Monitoring: GibbonsWorkman reviews all legislation filed beginning with pre-filing of legislation on December 1st.  Legislation impacting clients is then forwarded in a timely fashion to designated client representatives for further review. 
  • Legislative Monitoring: GibbonsWorkman monitors all legislative activity including key committee hearings and House and Senate floor debate including review of amendments and committee and floor substitutes. 
  • State Appropriations: GibbonsWorkman assists clients in securing and retaining state appropriations by working with the appropriate departmental staff, Office of Budget and Planning and the Governor’s Office to advocate for budget line items of importance in addition to working with House Budget and Senate Appropriation Committees and key staff to provide appropriation advocacy of the same nature. 
  • Legislative and Executive Branch Outreach: GibbonsWorkman believes that legislative and executive branch outreach is fundamental to success.  While we maintain a positive relationship with all 197 members of the legislature, we assist clients in identifying key legislators crucial to their success focusing on leadership and committee chairs.  Our goal is to make our clients’ priorities the legislature’s priorities.